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India has 29 states and 7 union territories. There is no official language in India, according to a Gujarat High Court ruling in 2010. Many people living in India also write in Devanagari script. In fact, it is a misconception that the majority of people in India speak Hindi. Though many people speak Hindi in India, 59 percent of India residents speak something other than  Hindi. Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu are some other languages spoken in the country.


India is identified as the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, the third and fourth largest religions. About 84 percent of the population identifies as Hindu. There are many variations of Hinduism, and four predominant sects – Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakteya and Smarta. About 13 percent of Indians are Muslim, making it one of the largest Islamic nations in the world. Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains make up a small percentage of the population.


The country celebrates Republic Day ( January 26 ), Independence Day (August 15) and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday (October 2). Diwali is the largest and most important holiday to India, according to National Geographic. It is a five-day festival known as the festival of lights because of the lights lit during the celebration to symbolize the inner light that protects them from spiritual darkness. Holi, the festival of colors, also called the festival of love, is popular in the spring.

India is Famous for

  • Struggle For Freedom
  • Indian cuisine
  • Bollywood
  • Grand Weddings

The conquest of India, which could be said to have begun with the Battle of Plassey (1757), was practically completed by the end of Dalhousie’s tenure in 1856. It had been by no means a smooth affair as the simmering discontent of the people manifested itself in many localized revolt during this period. However, the Mutiny of 1857, which began with a revolt of the military soldiers at Meerut, soon became widespread and posed a grave challenge to the British rule. Even though the British succeeded in crushing it within a year, it was certainly a popular revolt in which the Indian rulers, the masses and the militia participated so enthusiastically that it came to be regarded as the First War of Indian Independence.

The Indian cuisine is appreciated by most people across the world. Food from different regions is famous in several nations. In India each state has its own significant recipes which have been transferred to the coming generations with proper improvisations. North Indian cuisine is the most famous in other countries. The common public tend to have the Indian food because of its spiciness. The variety observed in the Indian food is unmatched and unparalleled.

India is also home to the Hindi Film Industry, more popularly known as Bollywood. The film industry was originally started in Mumbai and its presence is still the strongest there. Earlier, the films produced by the industry used to be released and viewed by domestic audiences only, but probably since the last decade, the films have started being released and also praised internationally in many countries. The film industry has given the world some of the finest actors and film makers. People like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Hritik Roshan started their careers in this industry. FIlm makers of the likes of Satyajit Ray also made their first films here. Apart from the Hindi Film Industry, the country also has film industries which produce films in various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Bhojpuri, to name a few.

Indian weddings are famed as grand weddings. The brides of India are usually among the most decorated and heavily dressed brides in the world. The elegant traditional wear and the groom on the horse is a peculiar feature of Indian wedding. The different events taking place during the traditional ceremonies are worth appreciating. Read More…

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6 Reasons To Know About India


Hospitality in India

Hospitality means relationship between a host and guest , where the host always receives the guest with full honor. We still follow 'atithi devo bhava' which means our guest is our god.


Food in India

Indian cuisine consists of a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent. Here in India the food can be categorized mainly as Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Guajarati, Bengali, Mughali, Kashmiri and Hyderabadi.


Spiritual & Religious

Religion and spirituality hold a significant place in Indian culture. The nation has been known for its spirituality from the past several centuries. River Ganga is personified as Goddess and holds an important place in the Hindu religion.


IT industry in India

The IT (information technology) industry in India is a key part of the country's economy. Over the past 20 years, India has become the world’s biggest sourcing site for IT and related services, employing more than 10 million workers.


Jewelry in India

India has produced and continues to produce some of the most exquisite and intricate jewelry designs and handiwork be it gold, silver, platinum or diamond. Indian jewelry designs are loved and bought on order all over the world.


Festivals in India

India celebrates more festivals than probably any other nation in the world. Being a secular nation, India celebrates the festivals of all religions and that too with a lot of enthusiasm. Indian celebrate festivals with open hearts and wide smiles.


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